Though a definite oxymoron, color film noir do exist. We've assembled some of the best,
from color noir of the 50s and 60s, historical pictures, and remakes of classics, to films
that have extended the themes and ideas of the classic films into modern times.

The Films



The Actors

Rear Window
1954 / Parmt
Alfred HitchcockJames StewartGrace Kelly
North by Northwest
1959 / Parmt
Alfred HitchcockCary GrantEva Marie Saint
1966 / W Brs
Jack SmightPaul NewmanLauren Bacall
Bonnie and Clyde
1967 / W Brs
Arthur PennWarren BeattyFaye Dunaway
In Heat of the Night
1967 / U Art.
Norman JewisonSidney PoitierRod Steiger
Point Blank
1967 / MGM
John BoormanLee MarvinAngie Dickinson
Wait Until Dark
1967 / W Brs
Terence YoungAudrey HepburnAlan Arkin
The French Connection
1971 / Fox
William FriedkinGene HackmanRoy Scheider
The Godfather
1972 / Parmt
F.F. CoppolaMarlin BrandoAl Pacino
The Long Goodbye
1973 / MGM
Robert AltmanElliott GouldNina Van Pallandt
1974 / Parmt
Roman Polanski Jack NicholsonFaye Dunaway
Taxi Driver
1976 / Col
Martin ScorseseRobert DeNiroCybill Shepherd
Body Heat
1981 / W Brs
Lawrence KasdanWilliam HurtKathleen Turner
Postman Rings Twice
1981 / W Brs
Bob Rafelson Jack NicholsonJessica Lange
Blood Simple
1983 / Univ
Joel CoenJohn GetzFrances McDormand
To Live & Die in L.A.
1985 / MGM
William FriedkinWilliam L. PetersenWillem Dafoe
Blue Velvet
1986 / MGM
David LynchKyle MacLachlanLaura Dern
52 Pick-Up
1986 / Cannon
John FrankenheimerRoy ScheiderAnn-Margret
The Untouchables
1987 / Parmt
Brian DePalmaKevin CostnerSean Connery
Miller's Crossing
1990 / Fox
Joel CoenGabriel ByrneMarcia Gay Harden
Pulp Fiction
1994 / Mirmx
Quentin TarantinoJohn TravoltaUma Thurman
Devil in a Blue Dress
1995 / Col
Carl FranklinDenzel WashingtonLisa Nicole Carson
L.A. Confidential
1997 / W Brs
Curtis HansonKevin SpaceyKim Bassinger
A Simple Plan
1998 / Parmt
Sam RaimiBill PaxtonBilly Bob Thornton
Don't Say A Word
2001 / Fox
Gary FlederMichael DouglasBrittany Murphy
Road to Perdition
2002 / Fox
Sam MendesTom HanksTyler Hoechlin

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