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An alphabetical list of films on The Film Noir 'net:


A Asphalt Jungle
B Beast of the City • The Big Clock • The Big Heat • The Big SleepBlood Simple • The Blue Dahlia • Blue Velvet • Body Heat • Bonnie & Clyde
C Call Northside 777 • Cape Fear (1962) • Casablanca • The Chase • ChinatownCitizen KaneCriss Cross
D Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid • Devil in a Blue Dress • Don't Say A Word • Double Indemnity • D.O.A. (1950) • D.O.A. (1989)
E Edge of Doom
F 52 Pick-Up • The French Connection • Fury
G Gilda • The Glass Key • The Godfather
H Harper • High Sierra • The Hustler
I I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang • In A Lonely Place • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
J Johnny Angel • Johnny O'Clock • Journey Into Fear
K Key LargoThe Killers (1946)Kiss of Death (1947) • Kiss Me Deadly
L L.A. ConfidentialLauraLittle Caesar • The Long Goodbye • The Lost Weekend
M The Maltese Falcon • The Man Who Wasn't There • Mildred Pierce • Miller's Crossing • Murder, My Sweet
N The Naked City • Night of the Hunter • Nightfall • North By Northwest • Notorious
O Out of the Past
P Point Blank • Postman Rings Twice (1946) • Postman Rings Twice (1981) • PsychoPublic Enemy • Pulp Fiction
Q Quicksand
R Rear Window • The Road to Perdition
S Scarface (1932) • Scarlet Street • Shock Corridor • A Simple Plan • Sorry, Wrong Number • Stalag 17 • The Stranger • Strangers on a Train • Sudden Fear • Sunset Boulevard • Suspicion
T Taxi Driver • The Third Man • This Gun For Hire • To Live & Die in L.A. • Touch of Evil
U The Untouchables
V The Verdict (1946) • The Verdict (1982)
W White Heat • The Woman in the Window • The Wrong Man

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