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The cynical private eyes, the alluring feme fetales, the cold-blooded hit men, and the dark city streets, these are the Classic Noir films of the 40s and 50s that defined the genre.

The Films



The Actors

The Maltese Falcon
1941 / W Brs
John HustonHumphrey BogartMary Astor
1941 / Selz
Alfred HitchcockCary GrantJoan Fontaine
The Glass Key
1942 / Univ
Brian HeislerAlan LaddVeronica Lake
This Gun for Hire
1942 / Univ
Frank TuttleAlan LaddVeronica Lake
Double Indemnity
1944 / Univ
Billy WilderFred MacMurryBarbara Stanwyck
1944 / Fox
Otto PremingerDana AndrewsGene Tierney
Murder, My Sweet
1944 / RKO
Edward DmytrykDick PowellClaire Trevor
The Big Sleep
1946 / W Brs
Howard HawksHumphrey BogartLauren Bacall
The Blue Dahlia
1946 / Univ
John HustonAlan LaddVeronica Lake
The Killers
1946 / Univ
Robert SiodmakBurt LancasterAva Gardner
Postman Rings Twice
1946 / MGM
Tay GarnettJohn GarfieldLana Turner
1946 / Selz
Alfred HitchcockCary GrantIngrid Bergman
Kiss of Death
1947 / Fox
Henry HathawayVictor MatureRichard Widmark
Out of the Past
1947 / RKO
Jacques TourneurRobert MitchumKirk Douglas
The Big Clock
1948 / Univ
John FarrowRay MillandMaureen O'Sullivan
The Naked City
1948 / Univ
Jules DassinBarry FitzgeraldDorothy Hart
Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 / Parmt
Anatole LitvakBurt LancasterBarbara Stanwyck
Criss Cross
1949 / Univ
Robert SiodmakBurt LancasterYvonne DeCarlo
Asphalt Jungle
1950 / MGM
John HustonSterling HaydenLouis Calhern
1950 / U Art
Rudolph MateEdmond O'BrienPamela Britton
In a Lonely Place
1950 / Col
Nicholas RayHumphrey BogartGloria Grahame
Sunset Boulevard
1950 / Parmt
Billy WilderWilliam HoldenGloria Swanson
Strangers on a Train
1951 / W Brs
Alfred HitchcockFarley GrangerRobert Walker
Sudden Fear
1951 / RKO
Fritz LangJoan CrawfordGloria Grahame
The Big Heat
1953 / Col
Fritz LangGlenn FordGloria Grahame
Kiss Me Deadly
1955 / MGM
Robert AldrichRalph MeekerMarion Carr
Touch of Evil
1958 / Univ
Orson WellesOrson WellesMarlene Dietrich

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